The essence of any utopia is actually pretty simple when narrowed down to the emotions we feel. It’s nothing more and nothing less than a happy state. A place where being in sweet harmony with one and other is the bottom line. Have you ever been to such a place? I have yet to go there but in fantasy and dreams.

To be truthful, quite a few mysteries popped up in my mind when I intently began to visualize and conceive such a realm. What would the population distribution be like? What kind of ethics and social dynamics should be fostered? What would the resource base be to build it? Could tasks and jobs be distributed collectively while making it fair for all? It blurred away into a fuzzy dream soon enough, and left me with nothing more than a headache.

We generally feel helpless and just sadly acquiescent over the various symptoms our world experiences. The everyone-for-themselves free-trade growth-on-steroids paradigm is over. Arguably, identifying the problem is the path towards its solution, but the way seems mostly unclear, copious with hardship and rigidly opposing structures. At many times, a quintessential utopian dream.

Paradise isn't meant to be planned, at least not by any one person. But what if an distributed application assisted us in such a task? What if it was done collectivelly? An idea certainly interesting to entertain. A trans-modern community of creative commons powered by a direct holacracy. Democracy in its truest sense. Social order in the most spontaneous of possible scenarios while engulfed in diversity and abundance of cultures, food and resources, but above all, abundance of time. Time to read, time to think, to talk and build. Time to love, to create, to sing and dance. Time to enjoy ourselves and others. Time for bliss to manifest itself.

Technically, all the necessary resources are within our reach to pull this off. So, what if a network of thriving sustainable human settlements could be self-organized by an operating system? A social application that is both just and transparent while being open for audit and improvement. An open source government. Would you make the leap of faith, leave the urban agenda behind and face the uncharted panorama of a ruban world?