The legal support implemented will conform to the Community Land Trust model, in accordance with each country's legal subtleties. Obtaining real commitment from its participants while providing them with right livelihoods is our goal.

A cooperative would be responsible for development and maintenance of the infrastructure, food production and commercialization, education, and health care.

With a low density land base to population ratio the cell's maximum potential is not realized at an early stage, allowing additional value to be created in time, once the community is established, through the sale of emergent land spots and niche occupations.

Bank loans would help finance the development, while the remainder of the capital is invested in earthworks, housing, infrastructure, tools and machinery. A considerable amount of the trust's capital would go towards rigorously securing and implementing a multi-layered and distributed renewable energy system.

The green school and the community center would provide the bulk of revenue streams at the start, while high quality produce, specialty goods, events and ecotourism would soon follow.