Self Organization

Being as hard as it is for an extended family to manage and keep the peace of a typical household, it would apparently follow that it should be very hard for a cluster of family groups to cooperate in a community peacefully and indefinitely. However, this has been attained throughout thousands of years in tribal societies and it still is, albeit sparingly.

Intentional communities and Eco-Villes are usually composed of a rather small group of people doing a lot of work were just a few members end up making all important decisions, thus becoming Ego-Villes, which don't sound as happy villes at all. Of course, pyramidal social structures shall persist, but they might do so only in specific contexts, and not as fixed roles or positions. The growing trend towards open organizations will ultimately replace most of those static and obsolete forms of control as the sheer power of the connected crowds begs for an open form of governance. Abundance may be around the corner, but without a community operating system, it will stay there.

Our current aggregate of culture and technology creates a much more complex reality and calls for a system that integrates our manifold expressions in a harmonious way without romantically regressing to previous manifestations of human civilization.

Disagreement and dispute are a vital part of society, and rightly so, for without chaos, there can be no order. Creativity and opportunity sprout from crisis and chaos. The final strokes are always realized through human emotional realms that can't be categorized or put in a database. From agreed-upon patterns to daily challenges and emotions, the big picture that can't be predicted eventually emerges. The devil is in the details, one might add, but the key concept here is feedback. Giving people access to all critical information in a visual and appealing form paves the way for a self-correcting organism. From argument maps to dynamic vote delegation, our sensitivity to feedback, inherent in our biology, would find a way to be expressed collectively and in full focus.

Rubania shall initially act as a web social application with the goal of modelling ruban cells of sustainable communities before any land purchases or earthworks even begin, through education, workshops and the establishment of working groups. Comprehensively and democratically self-organizing an interconnected human settlement is the ultimate goal. Crowdsourcing is the name of the game. Harvesting collective intelligence through the social application is the first step towards the realization of rubanised communities.